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Sustainable Industrial Development

  • Determination Of Pollution Loads And Applicable Pollution Charge
  • Training For Environmental Monitoring Systems
  • Support For Self Monitoring And Reporting By Industry
  • Designing And Fabrication Of Environmental Equipment
  • Feasibility Studies For Cleaner Production (CP) Options
  • Hands-On Training For Implementing CP Measures
  • Monitoring And Evaluation Of CP Measures
  • Evaluation Of Donor Funded Projects
  • Industry Specific IEE And EIA Studies
  • Training In EMS
  • Internal Audit For EMS Certification
  • Ecological And Health Risk Assessment
  • Hazardous Waste Management
  • Research Studies On Industrial & Environmental Policies, Small And Medium Enterprises (SMEs) Issues, Trade And Environment
  • Preparation Of Training Manuals And Holding Of Training Workshops On Industrial & Environmental Issues
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