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Leadership Quality Policy

We, at MCG Technologies, believe that the company’s culture is a direct representation of our strongest values: growth, trust, and mastery. These values should, ideally, be visible at every level of organizational culture, from the outward and superficial, to our espoused values, and all the way to the foundations of our shared assumptions. 

These values, then, play a significant role in shaping the organization’s strategic goals as well, which form a consistent yet ever-improving list, including: 

  • Striving to provide outstanding services to existing and potential customers while remaining compliant with international, national and local regulatory requirements.
  • Establishing positive relationships with our customers and ensuring satisfaction, through which we endeavor to become a prominent national and international player in the business communications industry.
  • Investing in human resources by providing a state-of-the-art workspace, creating a comfortable work environment and by offering regular capacity-building trainings along with guidelines for skill development.
  • Developing & maintaining mutually beneficial relationships with external product/service providers, stakeholders & collaborating partners. 

For us, adhering to specific and realistic standards makes these goals attainable. These standards involve going above and beyond for the customer through, for example, our proactive support ideology. It also involves consistently remaining at the forefront of every technological shift by enabling our team to remain aware of developments within the industry, complimented by a culture that allows them to experiment and innovate. And finally, ensuring the continuation of working relationships with collaborating partners and customers, by identifying and addressing any and all issues timely.

The senior management at MCG Technologies believes in leading the process for improvement of product quality and employee performance, which is supported by frequent evaluations of the organization’s direction and plan of action to attain its targets.

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