Who We Are
MCG brings together a group of highly professional and competent personnel possessing diversified experience in their respective areas of expertise.

MCG provides consultancy in a number of specialized areas including Information Technology, Environment, Energy, Water & Sanitation and Public Health. In addition to this the firm is equipped to provide Project Management Services and handle Engineering Projects, Sustainable Industrial Development, Technical & Management Training, Market Research and IT Consultancy.


MCG is able to provide highly personalized services with great emphasis on client satisfaction and quality control. We are dynamic in our approach to consultancy assignments, and are responsive to changing market trends and infrastructure development.


Depending on the nature of an assignment, MCG is able to provide professional services as individuals or as a team from its panel of national & international associates & consultants. Together with its affiliates, MCG forms an international group commanding highly skilled staff resources, backed by modern computing, reporting, and quality control services.

MCG USA has pursued a remarkable vision: to assist companies in reaching the tip of productivity. We aim to provide every service a company would require to build strong communication and influential online presence.


Our goal has always been to unleash the promise of IT solutions and networking–to drive it into every form of corporate communications and take advantage of IP´s inherent scalability, control, integration and utility as a platform for innovation and business acceleration. In short, we want to become a part of how your business works.

Excellence in Client Services
The quality of our customer support defines us as a Service Provider. Each day we strive to exceed our customer’s expectations in the services and support that we deliver. Our customer support capability sets new standards in network infrastructure management – providing a level of network visibility and control unparalleled in the industry.

A skilled, resourceful and empowered staff operates here at MCG. Through multiple levels of network engineers, the goal is to always have the correct individual working on the task for which they are best qualified. Specialties exist throughout the network. MCG has some of the most dedicated and knowledgeable individuals in the industry, focusing exclusively on being an extension to our customers' IT teams.
MCG caters every element of its support to suit you and your needs in the best possibly way. Every package and service is molded in a manner that allows it to easily mesh with your company. We are very supportive of companies that believe in changing the world and want to help you equip yourself with whatever you may require to achieve this.