Small Business Solutions
MCG small business solutions offer companies with less than 100 employee’s products, services and resources appropriate for their business. Let us help you achieve growth and efficiency for your small business. We deliver a range of Enhanced Business Services you can rely on to help enhance your company’s productivity.


For example the MCG PBX Network which is a private telephone network that is located right on your premises. Users of the PBX share a certain number of outside lines for making telephone calls external to the PBX. It is designed to meet the needs of large and small businesses, and it is capable of growing as you grow.


We are also equipped to monitor your security devices constantly to keep your crucial data safe all day, every day. Your network has never been more crucial to the overall success of your business. And there have never been more threats to IT security. All the more reason to make sure your network is safe and secure by having the certified experts at MCG manage it. Our experts are trained on the latest threats, fixes and other network vulnerabilities.

MCG is ready to go above and beyond to safe guard to success of your business. You can count on MCG for local, trained engineers to help you design, update and respond to network, security and equipment issues and build your empire.