MCG brings together some of the most highly educated and multifaceted individuals. The Board of Directors are the pillars that hold up this organization. Below is a look at their profiles:

Ch. Laiq Ali

CEO/Executive Director

Ch. Laiq Ali is an experienced professional working in the field of Energy and Environment for the last 32 years. Presently he is working as Chief Executive for Metro Consulting Grid (MCG).  He established MCG as sole proprietor firm in year 2000 that has earned professional respect and repute in a short time due to sustained high level performance, commitment and quality of work.

Mr. Ali is a graduate with M.S. degree in Mechanical Engineering from University of Hawaii, Honolulu, USA. He has an outstanding track record of employment with organizations of repute like NESPAK and USIAD Mission to Pakistan. He was officer in-charge for USAID’s Environmental Portfolio during 1987-94 both for Pakistan and Afghanistan. Currently he is working as the World Bank consultant for evaluation of Cleaner Production programs in Pakistan. He also worked as National Technical Expert for ADB’s Promotion of Renewable Energy, Energy Efficiency and Greenhouse Gas Abatement (PREGA) Project. As consultant he has performed several consultancy assignments as Team Leader with organizations like The World Bank, Asian Development Bank, UNDP/Pakistan, UNDP/Afghanistan, GTZ, NORAD, JICA and several others. Mr. Ali has several high quality research papers, reports and publications to his credit. Some of them are worth mentioning here:

1. He is author of Pakistan Chapter in a book published by “Edward Elgar Publishing Ltd.”, UK under the title “TOWARDS SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT IN INDUSTRY?”. This book provides reports from Seven Developing and Transition Economies”.  This book was launched world wide in January 2004.  Many developing and transition economies have not yet undertaken the policy integration measures needed to enhance the impact of industry on sustainable development. In this original and insightful book, national experts from Chile, China, the Czech Republic, Pakistan, Tunisia, Turkey and Zimbabwe countries which all have designated national sustainable development strategies – report on the extent to which recent changes in industrial, environmental and technology policies have more closely aligned industrial development with the aims of sustainable development.


2. He is author of a background paper on Environmental Institutions, Policy and Regulatory Framework for The World Bank sponsored “The Pakistan Environment Study” carried out in 1995-96. This paper resulted in several publications.

3. He wrote a comprehensive research report on the “Strengthening of Institution of Motor Vehicle Examiner in Pakistan” for UNDP/ENERCON Fuel Efficiency in Road Transport Sector (FERTS) project. The report was officially launched for stakeholder comments on January 13, 2005 at Serena Hotel, Islamabad.

Ahmed jalal

Senior Vice President

Ahmed Jalal is the Senior Vice President, Operations atMetro Consulting Grid.But he worked hard to get to this point in his life. Ahmed felt a keen interest towards engineering from the very onset of his professional life. His aim was to one day provide IT services of a vast range and assist people, especially those setting up businesses.

Ahmed began his journey at Server Corps which is a data storage warehouse. Here he facilitated customers and provided solutions for their software, hardware and networking related issues. He also worked towards developing a software database to streamline business operations and manage server redundancy and uptime.

His drive to change the world led him to keep growing professionally while at the same time worked towards completing a Bachelors Degree of Science, Electrical Engineering from the University of South Alabama, Mobile.

Ahmed dreamt of working in the position he is in currently long before the foundation of MCG. He holds great value for entrepreneurs and believes in giving chances to hardworking young individuals. His drive and ambition has hoisted the company to new heights and he continues to prove himself to be a great asset for MCG.

Dr. Nabeela Ali
Director Public Health

Dr. Nabeela is a founder member of MCG. She is MCG's Director for Public Health projects and health related studies and research. She has over 25 years of experience, mostly in Pakistan. Her specialties include conceptualizing, management and implementation of health programs at national level. She is expert in strategic planning, community based interventions, advocacy and media training. Dr. Nabeela has the experience to lead country portfolio in health sector with national and international representation;


She has the expertise to develop, conduct and evaluate training programs in reproductive health, child health, qualitative research methods and behavior change communication; design and development of campaigns for health promotion, social mobilization and communication; population planning, family planning policies, international women health issues, environmental health in developing countries. Dr. Nabeela has first hand experience in Pakistan particularly in areas such as health management information system; reproductive and child health especially peri-natal and newborn care. She also has the expertise to conduct epidemiological and social behavioral studies; evaluation of programs and projects; qualitative research and emerging issues of women’s health in developing countries. She possesses excellent command and control capabilities with proven track record for managing donor funded projects. She has M.P.H. from Johns Hopkins School of Hygiene and Public Health. She is fluent in English, Urdu and other local languages of Pakistan.

Fayyaz Ahmed Khan

Director Communication, Advocacy and Social Mobilization

Mr. Fayyaz Ahmed Khan is presently leading the Communication, Advocacy and Mobilization (CAM) component of Pakistan Initiative for Mothers and Newborns (PAIMAN) - a USAID funded project aimed at improving maternal and newborn health in Pakistan. Associated with the Johns Hopkins University Centre for Communication Programs as Country Representative, Mr. Khan has more than seventeen years of experience in health and development communication.


He specializes in devising strategic action plans for behavior change, advocacy and social mobilization besides devising multimedia packages and capacity building initiatives in leadership and communication. He is the principal author of Pakistan National Communication Strategy for Family Planning as well as the Communication Strategy for Pakistan’s National Program for Maternal and Child Health 2007-20011. As Co-director of the annual Pakistan Leadership in Health Communication Workshop Mr. Khan has trained more than 200 professionals in devising need based communication programs in Pakistan. Besides Pakistan, Mr. Khan has also devised communication strategies for WHO funded Stop TB initiatives for Afghanistan and Somalia. He is the founding member of Pakistan Health Communication Network, an alliance dedicated to promoting health and development communication in Pakistan. Mr. Khan holds a masters degree in Media & Communication from the University of London, UK and another in Strategic Studies from Quaid-e-Azam University, Pakistan.

Dr. Shuaib Khan

Director Health System Strengthening

Dr. Shuaib Khan MBBS, MPH, MCPS, MBA is working as Director Program & Grants JSI-PAIMAN Pakistan office. In his current position, Dr. Khan is responsible for the implementation of PAIMAN field activities in 24 selected districts of Pakistan. He provides technical guidance and support to the five Provincial and one FATA Field Operations Managers. He is also responsible for coordination, supporting and monitoring the consortium partner’s activities in the project area, coordination and support to the Ministry of Health, Provincial Health Departments and the District Governments for program interventions, preparation of weekly, quarterly and annual program reports. Dr. Khan being Director Grants also provides technical support to the NGOs as part of the grant management, helping them in proposal writing, technical supervision and monitoring of the sub-grantees and their capacity building.

Dr. Khan has 18 years of experience of working with public sector on several managerial and field assignments and five years of experience of working with International organization and donor funded project. His past experience include program design, management, monitoring and evaluation, disaster management, report writing, field assessment, BCC, community mobilization and Health System Strengthening. While working as District Health Officer in Rawalpindi from 2001 to 2005, he managed various preventive programs like EPI, HIV AIDS control program, MCH, CDC, Malaria control, LHW program and TB DOTS program. He also has an extensive experience of Reproductive Health. During this period he was working on improvement of the HMIS at the district level. He has vast experience in improving the quality of data, analyses and interpretation of data and use of data for policy level decisions.