Hospitals are facing daily communications and IT challenges as the cost of healthcare is rising and there is a shortage of trained medical personnel. In order to deal with decreasing budgets and staffing shortages, effective communication is going to be essential to the productivity of healthcare providers’ existing staff.


MCG understands the communication challenges in the healthcare industry and their effect on patients and staff. By choosing MCG, healthcare facilities can take the first step toward making their communications more effective and secure, interactions more valuable and staff more efficient.


MCG’s Unified Communications offering is a way for patients, clinicians, families and other healthcare stakeholders to communicate through an integrated system of applications delivered over MPLS from a cloud-based platform. These applications allow for effective, collaborative, scalable, and secure communications, which lets people communicate from wherever they are.


MCG lets clinicians and caregivers connect to the right resource the first time—using the most effective medium. Mobile phone and smart-phone users can coordinate conversations, collaborate with colleagues, and retrieve voicemail messages. Caregivers can see the present status of colleagues to determine their availability, and then securely view directory information to select the best method to reach them.