The global financial services industry manages vast amounts of information through branches and call centers or through unattended Web, ATM and phone channels. Their objective is to achieve profitable growth at an acceptable risk, and they are harnessing communication technology to achieve it.


Financial institutions today face a convergence of communication challenges unlike any other time in the recent past. Just as they realize that customers are still walking into the branch to conduct business, they also find that their current communications technology infrastructure will not support additional functionalities.


MCG understands that the branch of the future will demand even more from its network, and knows that clear voice and video, along with collaborative tools, will become a necessity in a financial institution’s toolkit. Also, with corporate mergers and acquisitions in the financial space, MCG has positioned itself to help IT directors faced more and more with the technological challenges that come with branch expansion.


MCG makes it easy to connect numerous branches to each other in a way that allows for scalability in the future. Using Unified Communications applications hosted on a cloud-based infrastructure, MCG allows branches to effectively manage their communication efforts, while providing the ability to easily integrate new branches into the network.