Voip Hardware

Hardware solutions for usb telephones, email to fax, voice over ip phone systems, adsl wireless broadband routers and cable modem routers.

We at MCG provide:


PC Telephones
PC Telephones are telephones which attach to your PC, usually via the USB port, and allow you to make telephone calls through your PC.


VoIP Telephones
VoIP telephones are telephones which attach directly to Ethernet network ports.


VoIP Switches
VoIP switches are devices which allow you to connect multiple phone lines to one Ethernet port. This allows every telephone which is connected to the switch to place VoIP calls.


VoIP Gateways
VoIP Gateways connect VoIP networks to the PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network).


VoIP Routers
VoIP Routers route VoIP traffic in much the same way that regular routers route IP (Internet Protocol) traffic.


VoIP PBX’s are high-tech low-cost equivalents of traditional telephone PBX’s. In addition to traditional PBX functionality, VoIP PBX’s configure and manage VoIP network capabilities.