Cloud Computing

This is the age of minimalism. So why have a room full of serves when you can let us at MCG host all your work and free up tons of space at your workplace. You not only have less space to use but more space to work with.


So start saving money with a cloud server or cloud hosting from MCG today. We’ll create a virtual server for you in minutes so you can get started instantly. We offer affordable cloud servers with the fastest deployment and instant scalability and cater our packages to suit your specific needs. Opt for our hourly and monthly billing packages!


MCG Cloud Servers start at $10 per month or 1.5¢ per hour. Since we give you the convenience of being able to pay by hour, you can add an additional cloud server on those days when you need more power and then remove it once you’re done. This saves a lot of time and money.


Give us a call and create your Cloud Virtual Server in minutes!